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Executive MBA Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Institute™ (SCI™) built World's First and Most Popular Hybrid Executive MBA Supply Chain Management – a 10-month hybrid Remote + on-campus modules (New York, Singapore, Dubai or Casablanca)


Supply Chain Management is an integral part of businesses and is essential to the success of a company and its customer satisfaction. Business success requires a perfect design, organization, control, and planning of the supply chain. The Supply Chain Management MBA expertise track offers courses in driving change in the Supply Chain, Managing Supply Change Trade-Offs and Alignment, Industry 4.0, digital Supply Chain and Sustainable Supply Chains for the Future.

As the recent global disruptions in supply chains have demonstrated clearly, our increasingly globalised world makes the job of supply chain managers considerably more complex – and more vital. Hone your managerial and administrative skills, and couple them with a strong global operations understanding with our Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management.

Program Objectives

The Executive MBA Supply Chain Management provides for the postgraduate study of business & Supply Chain Management activities. The programs at SCI™ are designed to fit your needs and help you succeed:

  • Start studying your Ex-MBA wherever you are.
  • Take your exams whenever you’re ready. 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.
  • Program modules - (Remote: 17 Modules, On-campus: 5 modules (1 full week))
  • Program Schedule: 2 Saturdays each month (10 months: Sep – June)
  • Build your international network from the very first step and position yourself for success on a global scale.
  • At SCI™, our goal is to give you the tools you need to build a successful career. That’s why 96% of our graduates find a job within 3 months of graduating.
  • Our degrees are recognized globally, giving you better chances to succeed in the international job market.
  • We offer flexible payment options, to suit every student. You can pay for your studies each quarter or on a yearly basis.

Methods of Assessment

Students’ knowledge and understanding of combined modules are assessed through online exams and case studies.

Why Supply Chain Institute (SCI™)

The SCI™ is one of the world Most Popular and Economical Supply Chain Management organizations worldwide. Supply Chain Institute has impacted supply chain management profession through best in class education, certification, leadership development and research.

The SCI™ is an innovative, forward-thinking institute with high standards of teaching, research and support that sits at the heart of one of the world’s most up-and-coming cities (New York, Dubai, Singapore and Casablanca). We have strong industry links and work closely with some of the world’s leading companies. Testament to our growing reputation, the SCI™ was nominated as of one of the leading Supply Chain Institutes.

Our Faculty of Business Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement and Operational Excellence is recognized worldwide; with students from over 120 countries and a presence on six continents, we are playing a major role in preparing tomorrow’s leaders for long and successful careers.

Our programs are highly regarded in terms of student experience, teaching standards and relevance to the real world.

We believe that employability is at the heart of the institute experience, and this is underpinned by the drive to develop six key attributes in our graduates: capable, enquiring, creative, enterprising, ethical and global in outlook.

Whatever your future ambitions make a life-changing decision by choosing to study at the Supply Chain Institute.

Program Outcome

After completing this specialization you will have gained the knowledge, insights, and tools to successfully manage supply chain projects, trade-offs and transformation. You will be able to evaluate the impact of new technologies on the supply chain and you will understand how the supply chain can play a fundamental role in making business more sustainable.


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the Executive Master of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management) degree by the Supply Chain Institute. This degree is identical to that awarded to on-campus students. Graduates are then allowed to use the title Executive MBA after their names.


Star your studies off with your specialization in mind, and explore general business administration concepts as they relate to supply chain issues. Once you’ve established your understanding of multinational business and global markets, you’ll be ready to delve into the requirements and specifications of a successful supply chain.

Analyze the different expectations of various business stakeholders, global regulations, and environmental limitations. Closely review real-world case studies, and gain valuable, practical knowledge that you can use as you make your first steps in the job market.

Program Modules:

  • Module 1 (Remote: 5 Credits): Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2 (Remote: 5 Credits): Corporate Finance
  • Module 3 (Remote: 5 Credits): International Marketing
  • Module 4 (Remote: 5 Credits): Emerging Infrastructure technologies
  • Module 5 (Remote): Capstone Project Thesis preparation
  • Module 6 (Remote: 5 Credits): Digital Transformation and Decision Support
  • Module 7 (Remote: 5 Credits): Supply Chain Management
  • Module 8 (Remote): Capstone Project Thesis preparation
  • Module 9 (Remote: 5 Credits): Supply Chain Strategy
  • Module 10 (Remote: 5 Credits): Sales & Operations Planning
  • Module 11 (Remote): Capstone Project Thesis preparation.
  • Module 12, 13 & 14 (Remote: 5 Credits): Lean Six Sigma
  • Module 15 & 16 (Remote: 5 Credits): Projects Management
  • Module 17 (Remote): Capstone Project Thesis preparation.
  • Module 18 (On-Campus: 5 Credits): Supply Chain Performance Metrics
  • Module 19 (On-Campus: 5 Credits): Supply Chain and Financial Performance
  • Module 20 (On-Campus: 5 Credits): Logistics Service Providers and Reverse Logistics
  • Module 21 (On-Campus: 5 Credits): Global Logistics and International Business
  • Module 22 (On-Campus: 30 Credits): Capstone Project Thesis, Defense & Graduation

Career Opportunities

The Executive MBA program will prepare you for senior roles within a wide range of commercial and public sector organizations.

Admission Requirements:

  • Completed degree from a public or officially recognized university/higher education institution.
  • At least 5 years of professional work experience.
  • Proof of English skills.
  • Financial ability.
SCI™ reserves the right to cancel the program in case the required minimum number of participants is not met.

Program Tuition Fees

Duration Period Time Model Format Program Fees
10 Months September – June 2 Saturdays per month Hybrid* 6,000 USD**

*Hybrid (17 Modules Remote + 5 Modules on-campus New York, Singapore, Dubai or Casablanca).
** We offer flexible payment options, to suit every student. You can pay for your studies each quarter or on a yearly basis (On-campus travel and accommodations fees are not included).

Benefits of the SCI™ Executive MBA Supply Chain Management

SCI™ reserves the right to cancel the program in case the required minimum number of participants is not met.

  • Earn your MBA's in just 10 months, versus 2 years for a traditional MBA
  • Engineering-focused degree options with emphasis on practical, specialized coursework relevant to supply chain
  • Advanced leadership training at significantly lower cost than an elite 2-year MBA
  • Learn from and work with world-class professionals and researchers who are innovating across a broad portfolio of research lines
  • Apply your skills to your passions: humanitarian response, sustainability, policy, security, strategy, and more
  • Ranked one of the top worldwide MBAs in Supply Chain Management's
  • Our students are heavily recruited by the world’s top companies, and graduate with salary increases of 40% or more on average
  • Join an elite alumni network of over 1000 SCM and SCALE Supply Chain graduates working across the world

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